• Spring 2020

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    Connecting top-tier, university talent to tech career opportunities

  • ThinkChicago connects top-tier, diverse talent with

    Chicago's most innovative companies

    ThinkChicago is a national STEM talent attraction and retention program led by ChicagoNEXT of World Business Chicago,

    in partnership with the Chicago Mayor's Office and the City of Chicago


    ThinkChicago inspires university students to unleash their career potential by exploring opportunities with entrepreneurial ventures, startups, and large innovative companies while helping businesses gain brand exposure, connect with other companies, and access top talent.


    • ThinkChicago brings the most diverse, highest achieving students through the doors of Chicago’s top tech companies.
    • We curate experiences that expose students and recent graduates to Chicago’s thriving cultural and tech world, encouraging them to see themselves here after graduation.
    • ThinkChicago leverages the skills and civic interest of students and companies to create lasting value for the city of Chicago.

    Companies like Relativity, CCC Information Services, tastytrade, say they're likely to interview and/or hire THINKChicago students. Connect with THINKChicago to stay up-to-date on the latest events and opportunities with the leading innovators in the tech space.


    We invite undergraduate and graduate students to apply to our programs and share your resumes with top Chicago tech and innovation companies.





    Connecting Top Talent with Innovative Businesses


    Twice each year, during Lollapalooza and Chicago Ideas Week, the Mayor invites top university students to ThinkChicago to meet with Chicago technology leaders, explore companies, and attend iconic cultural events including the Lollapalooza music festival and Chicago Ideas Week programming.


    Students are accepted into the program based on their interest in technology, innovation, and/or entrepreneurship, and a commitment to excellence as demonstrated by academic, professional, and/or extracurricular activities.


    Helping Students Explore The City’s Vibrant Tech and Innovation Ecosystem